Alyssa’s Beautiful, Windswept Senior Session- Alpena, MI

The best part of Alyssa’s shoot? Getting to know her! This girl knows how to hustle! She’s the yearbook editor, plays varsity softball, competes with the ROV team, and teaches catechism classes. So she’s crazy busy- but this girl also is in NHS, makes the A Honor Roll every term, is a Freshman Connections Leader and holds Alpena High School’s highest honor: The Top Cat Award. So, basically, she’s pretty awesome all-around. 🙂

She brought two of her sisters (the missing sis was traveling in Africa!) and both parents to her shoot. The love in this family is amazing- the cute nicknames they have for each other, the way the sisters call each other “honey,” and… the way they ordered pizza for the last location- yum! They’re just wonderful together.

So- the shoot!  We started on these church steps (Her parents got married at this church! I didn’t know that prior, but it’s a fun coincidence.) It was super windy when we started, which was great! I love, love, LOVE the windswept look, and Alyssa was chill enough to just go with it.

Her future plans? She’s into science, and she has it all figured out- twice! Either CMU of UofM, to become an orthopedic surgeon or a PA specializing in orthopedics.

Her second look for her senior photos is a simple black dress with a jacket- I absolutely love this look. But I love Alyssa’s sharp girl-power vibe even more. Femininity, beauty are nice, but when you add smarts with a scientific mind,  athleticism, and strength? Look out, world!


She is the girly-girl in her family, so we had to get some flowery photos, and (story alert!) I’d chosen two different locations for a pretty-flowery backdrop… and at the pre-session location check the night before they BOTH had been ruined. As in structures knocked down and flowers mowed flat. So- it was flowers in town, but on the way, we passed this church, and got a few quick snaps in.


But, if it hadn’t been for that, we wouldn’t have been shooting in these awesome little locations, so it worked out for the best.


She didn’t want her softball photos to dominate her senior portraits (even though she quit dancing after 13 years to focus on her sport!), but she did want to include it, so we made it to the field just after sunset and used the last bit of dusky light to get Alyssa in the dugout.

It was a terrific night, and a lot of fun. But I had to ask her pre-session fear (everybody has some jitters!) Embarrassing herself by “being awkward,” she confessed. Despite her claims of being awkward- she’s not! She also says she’s organized and blunt… Which I did glimpse. 😉


Alyssa’s best tip for a great senior photo session? “Go in open-minded! You might have awkward moments (with strangers watching)… But you can’t let it get to you.”

Her favorite part of it all? “The very end-looking at the final pictures and seeing it all paid off!”

Alyssa, you were amazing to work with! Thanks for spending the evening with me (and for bringing your family)!