Liz’s True Beauty. An afternoon photoshoot with an inspiring senior. Alpena, Michigan.

I’ve been thinking about how to present Lizzy, and searching for the right words to do this incredible senior justice. In small, everyday gestures, Liz creates more good in the world, so I think that makes her a hero in the best way. She finds ways to fill needs and offer service in whatever she does- this is Liz’s way of being: acts of service and love.

Lizzy is the real deal.


I knew she was a well-rounded student and a scholar. What I didn’t know was the depth of her kindness. And it’s astounding. Too often we hear about today’s generation in negative terms- but working with girls like Liz just makes my heart full.



With a mega-watt smile, Liz exemplifies the beauty of service in action. Her planned career is Physical Therapy Assistant. As a top student, the assistant position is her role of choice because of the hands-on aspect and daily patient interaction. Liz says she wants to be the one directly helping people to feel better.  With her limited free time already does a bit of this. She volunteers at the hospital front desk. Why? “I’m the first person they see, and I like to make their day, greet them with a smile.”


She also volunteers with Feeding Kids Ministry explaining, “It’s a great organization to help get kids the nutrition they need.” Even her hobbies are an expression of caring. “I love to make dinner for my family, and to bake goodies for others.”  She credits her kitchen skill to Grandma Kendziorski, and her giving spirit she credits to her mom, who Liz describes as “an amazing role model.”


Liz made her mark on Alpena High, earning recognition as a Top Cat, A honor roll, senior planning team, Freshmen Connections, National Honor Society, Varsity Softball, and soccer. Out of the school, she’s into hockey, dance, piano, and volunteering as a vacation bible school leader.



Lizzy’s advice for upcoming seniors: “Be yourself. Don’t think you’re going to look bad, because you are all beautiful.”


Service and love of community runs in Lizzy’s family: we ended her session on the beautiful new bridge…  meaningful for Liz as her family headed up this volunteer building project as a gift to Alpena.

Liz, you are amazing. Inside and out. Thank you for your service. The world needs an army of people like you.