Addison’s Country Charm Senior Photos: Alpena, Michigan

This is Addison, and she’s incredible. Really, she’s the kind of girl I want to photograph, the kind of person I want celebrated so other girls can see that being bold doesn’t need to be showy or self-conscious. That being strong makes girls more intriguing, more interesting, more beautiful human beings. That femininity is only enhanced by self-reliance and smarts. That’s Addison. She is who she is, with an unassuming authenticity that’s completely endearing.

Her session was her own design- filled with her loves: the outdoors, her home, her family, Marty the yellow Lab, and Guinness, her horse.

When I arrived, several dogs and her dad greeted me. Her kitten started batting at the two flower crowns. When Addison finally came down, she looked amazing- but didn’t know what to wear. We just went outside check out her property and to get a few warm-up shots. Yes, she was still in a tank and cheer shorts, “not ready,” and these were just supposed to be her test shots! #naturalbeauty


So then, she put on her actual outfit (this super cute dress was perfect!) and we headed to the river, but on the way, we had to stop here. How lucky that her dad didn’t have time to mow before the session! Fun facts about Addison- she’s never missed the honor roll, she worked waiting tables to buy her own Jeep, and her hobbies? Other than riding, soccer, hunting, competitive cheer, and dance, she fishes every chance she gets. But- if you fish with her, you have to know the rule: everybody baits their own hook and handles their own fish.


Then we walked the path to the river, stopping here for a few photos  (and to feed the mosquitoes).  Can you even believe this is all her backyard? One of my favorite things about Addison is that she is easy to be around. She’s quiet- without seeming shy or uncomfortable- she’s just the kind of person who talks when there’s something to say, and doesn’t need to fill the space.  I can’t wait to see what path she chooses for her future. She has decided on Northern Michigan University, but her field of study? Addison’s thinking something with medicine, or animal behavior, or veterinary science but has yet to commit. This happens when you have both intellect and drive- the world is full of opportunity.


The river was as awesome as she’d said. And we spent, maybe, a little too long there, but it was worth it.



As beautiful as she looks in her styled photos, I think my favorites are these of “everyday Addison,” in jeans and boots, doing what she loves. These pics give us a glimpse into her heart and her happiness.


And with the last bit of twilight,  we got our final photos. Thanks Addison, for sharing your home and family with me, and for being a terrific role model of what it means to be your own person.