Jessica – Straight A’s, Ambitious, Athletic, All-American beauty.

With beauty, brains and heart, this future teacher is leaving a legacy at Alpena High School. She’s sweet and unassumingly down-to-earth, but she’s a powerhouse, too. Most recently, she was crowned 2017 Winterfest Queen (congratulations!!), which in her own words, “was a shock.”  But she’s the kind of person that people love to cheer for.


As the yearbook senior editor, Varsity Basketball captain, DARE role model, and NHS member, she’s recognized as a natural leader around Alpena High. In the senior polls, she won most athletic.  This all shows she has the utmost respect from both her peers, and from her teachers.  And she’s just… lovely.


Jess brought her mom as moral support, and then had her older brother and sister hop in for a few shots. The simple affection and love that’s apparent in this family was one of the best parts of the night. While we were getting the sibling portraits posed, Jess’s mom opened her purse to share a few well-loved snapshots from the kids’ early years- and so much love and devotion just shone from her eyes- it was truly one of my favorite moments of the entire season.


Jess wants a career that will allow her to help kids, so she’s going to pursue a degree in elementary education. She has a gentleness, a genuine warmth, and an easy smile that her future students are going to adore. Even though, she says, people are telling her to consider a more lucrative profession, she’s not interested. “I love working with kids and just want a job where I will help them.” To that end, this summer she plans to help out at the Boys and Girls club before she leaves for college. jess-alpena-michigan-fields-denim-senior-session-amy-brownridge

Jessica’s photo shoot style was a perfect reflection of her; and that’s how it should be. She kept her look natural and low key, and true to herself. I love how these photos turned out- a portrait of the real Jess at this time in her life- beautiful exactly as she is.jess-flowery-field-senior-photos-alpena-michigan-amy-brownridge

Jessica really is the girl-next-door… super version. Her low-key demeanor belies an ambitious spirit and a work ethic that just won’t quit- how else do you explain her superior academics and fierce athletics? Honored with both academic and athletic scholarships, this varsity athlete has maintained her status on the A honor roll 4 years straight and is already signed with Spring Arbor to play softball.


Her senior session advice for class of 2018 girls? “Bring people you’re comfortable with to help you. They can ease the tension. Do what you’re most comfortable doing- if you feel good smiling, then smile.” I’d say that sounds like sage advice for life- in any situation.