Everett- Down to earth, dedicated to family, and driven to success. An outdoorsy senior session in Alpena, MI.

“It was my dad and my mom. They were always hard workers,” Everett explains as the key to his can-do philosophy. This hard-working senior is well on his way to his career of choice- he thinks he might like to run his own heating and cooling business- and in two years, he’ll be poised to do so after graduating from Kirtland Community College.



“I like fixing things,” he says. But that (in typical Everett style) is  a bit of an understatement. He does fix things, but he also creates- his grandfather introduced him to woodworking, and Everett makes things from decorative plaques, lawn games and end tables to decorative beams for the family living room.



However, his true interest lies in outdoor activity- he again cites his family as fostering that interest. So, he spends his summers working the feed plots at the family’s camp, “People don’t look at that as being fun, but I do.”  He’s a year-round fisherman,  a camper, and a hunter, but he also shows an entrepreneurial side earning money, saying “My mom works at the bank, and now I’m pretty good at managing it.” Everett works at the golf course in the summer on the maintenance crew, then he picks up side jobs year round- yard work, snow clean-up. He keeps busy, getting things done, and then finding new projects to work on.

denim-and plaid-northern-michigan-senior-photos-alpena

Even though he seems to fill all of his spare time with work and outdoor activities, in addition to managing dual-enrollment, this responsible senior always presents a really amicable, mellow spirit. He says it’s his parents “They keep me mellow. I get too busy, but they pull me back.”


Everett, congratulations on having it all figured out already: a successful work-life balance,  a solid career plan based on logic and your own interests, and a way to live the life you love.