Meet Lindsey: Free-spirited, lover of the arts and sciences, caretaker of things great and small.


“Spring is my favorite season,” she begins. “It’s the season of life and renewal.” And this is Lindsey- musician, rescuer of animals, planter of trees, and future obstetrician. Why that medical specialty? “It’s a really beautiful thing- I love babies.. and life.” If there’s ever been a better reason to become a doctor, I haven’t heard it.


Lindsey self-describes as a girl who “isn’t involved in that many activities.” But she is- it’s just that much of her activity is independent, and self-directed. She’s talented, multi-faceted, and her accolades are many: A Honor Roll. National Honor Society, Advanced Science classes, President of the choir (where she also won the coveted Director’s Award). In fact, she loves music so much that she applied, and earned acceptance, to Sarah Lawrence, where she had planned to study vocal music with the ultimate goal of performing opera. She performed “Homeward Bound” at Baccalaureate. Then suddenly, she had a change of heart.


It was late spring and she changed everything- moving from her love of music to her love of life. She applied to Central Michigan University, and decided to begin the journey to becoming a physician.  “I wanted to do something I could be passionate about for the rest of my life,” she explains.


Ushering newborns into the world does, actually, fit right in with the rest of Lindsey’s passions. “I like to explore, and to be out… so I walk. I get lost.” But when you ask her to elaborate, you’ll find she’s not lost at all- she’s out there offering small gestures of kindness. She hikes, but she brings saplings to transplant along the way (“It just makes me feel good”), she finds stray animals and then brings them home (to the chagrin of her mother), until she finds them families, she volunteers at the Huron Humane Society, and likes to visit the Senior Center to play bingo, hang out and sing.  “I’ve never had a job yet… but volunteering is so gratifying.” Truly- helping babies and new moms seems like the most natural thing for her to do.


She has a gentle strength, a kind heart, an affinity for nurturing life in all it’s forms, and an artist’s soul. In addition to her musical ability, she enjoys photography and videography. Spirit, heart, depth, brains, and beauty.  Lindsey- your journey is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where your heart takes you: operating rooms, opera houses, or forging your own trails finding beauty and lending a hand along the winding way.