What’s your session fee?
I don’t have a session fee. I do offer a selection of packages with a mix of print and digital options. When you get your photographs taken, you deserve to enjoy gorgeous prints.  Click here to see my pricing page.

Can I just get the edited images and print them myself locally?
Yes. I do sell edited digital files with full print releases. However, I edit on a calibrated monitor matched to my print lab’s standards. Every lab is different, so what you see on the screen might not match the print products from a different printer. The technology, the color rendition, the paper, the ink- it all matters. A lot. for example, here are test prints from 2 different Pro labs. I sent the exact same file, and you can see here- even in an iphone photo of the prints they each sent to me, how different they are.

. IMG_1166.JPG


Can I just get a disk of unedited images and do the rest myself?

I understand wanting to play with the images yourself, but if you can create photographic images that fit your personal vision, then we should get together for coffee and talk shop! But, if that’s the case, you probably don’t really need to hire me, either. As a professional photographer, I work hard to get you the image you want, so you don’t have to make any changes. Once I release the digital files to you, I release printing rights only, and request that you leave the images edited as they are.

What is the ordering session?
It’s the best part of the whole experience! You get to pick your favorites, then instead of you having to deal with the endless options from the print labs, I help you navigate it all. We figure out what you want and how you’ll display them, then we order from there. I have a program that takes a photo of your wall/room. and then “hangs” the images from your photo session. There is no guesswork involved- you know what your wall art looks like before you order! It’s fun, and people love the service. After all, once you invest in a professional session, you don’t want those images stuck on your computer! Get them printed and on display to enjoy.

Do you do payment plans?
It’s built in to my booking policy. At the time of booking, you select your package and send a deposit to hold your date. At the shoot, you pay for the remainder of the package. At the ordering session, we can address any add-ons and upgrades. In this way, the payments naturally are spread out over time.

Can I bring my own props?
Photographs with props and backdrops are cute, and I appreciate the artistic vision they showcase, but they are not my specialty, so I don’t often use them. I want my photography to help you remember your real life, not the day you dressed up and posed in a studio. However, a favorite toy, or special personal item- I would love to work with! I see the beauty in real life, and when you look through my portfolio, I hope you see the beauty in it, too.

What should I wear?
We will talk about this during our pre-session consult, too.
Since people don’t like photos that don’t flatter them, you want to look your best. But, you also want to look like “you.” To that end, I’d make sure that everybody in the photos has a good hair day, and is wearing clothes that are flattering, but still comfortable. Beyond that, I’d make the following recommendations:

For a day-in-the life style session:
Wear clothes that suit the activity, and are comfortable.
If you are looking for a true day in the life, for a memory book, wear what you like- let the kids wear thier favorite outfits. It will add to the keepsake value.
Shirts with logos, characters, and stong patterns can be distracting- so chose wisely, or go plain.

For a more traditional portrait session:
Colors co-ordintate but DON’T match. You are family, not twins. So- select a set of colors that complement each other, but are not the same.
Consider the location- if you are going to be in a garden taking wildflower photos, wear something that suits that scene.